Episode 017: The One About Python 3

At long last, we finally get down to some Real Talk about Python 3. In this episode, Mike and Dave are joined by guests Nick Coghlan and Alex Gaynor; our discussion gets into the history of Python 3's development, why it's compelling, whether it's a failure, and more. We also chat for a bit about Alex's new Cryptography library and the downfall of "abstinence-only" crypto education.

All this plus some news and the return of the return of Python trivia! Read on for some additional thoughts as well as a plethora of links for this episode.

First of all, we'd like to apologize for the delay. We had almost managed to settle into an every-other-month cadence when we were stricken with scheduling conflicts and the unexpected death of our editing platform. (And oh, how the sadhorns did play!) Work and pre-PyCon complications followed.

Secondly, a heads up--though we're trying to improve the audio quality (Dave has a microphone now!), Google Hangout seems to have betrayed us, introducing mystery pops and clicks that have thus far resisted our attempts to scrub them out in post. For some reason they seem to only affect one segment of the recording, so please bear with it for a couple minutes--the main interview portion of the episode is click-free. We're very sorry, and all we can do about it at this point is to promise that we'll keep working on it.

While we were fighting through all of the above, Python 3.4 was released, and it's really exciting because it has seriously cool things that we somehow failed to discuss at all during our recording session a couple weeks prior (though we may have mentioned some highlights last time).

Behold, a parade of links, for your clicking enjoyment!

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Episode 016: Katie Cunningham and the Podcast of Doom

In this episode, we're pleased to catch up with the one, the only, the real Katie Cunningham to catch up on some great stuff that she's been up to. We chat about the Young Coders tutorial (which you can totally contribute to or help scale), her Python article for Hour of Code, being good to students who run Windows, her brand-new book Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours, and the Python 2–Python 3 divide. We also check in on the state of accessibility (which we last talked about way back in episode 10) and discover that there's a book for that too.

All this plus cookies, news, the return of Python trivia, and lots of things to link to!

We hear you like links, so please accept these as a token of our appreciation:

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We hope that everyone out there has a safe and happy new year. Cheers!

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Episode 015: An Evening with Jesse Noller

By popular demand, From Python Import Podcast returns from the dead with a brand-new, supersized episode of epicness featuring an in-depth conversation with Jesee Noller, PSF board member, core developer, chair of PyCon 2012 and 2013, and all-around hoopy frood. Over the course of nearly two hours, we get an inside look at the Python Software Foundation, being a core developer, bringing a code of conduct to the Python community, community outreach and diversity, the joys and anguish of running a major conference, how to get involved in Python or PyCon, the work he's doing with Rackspace to inspire developers to build cool things, some Python trivia, and various strategies for discovering and curating collections of animated GIFs.

We'd not only like to thank Jesse for his time and candor, but we'd also like to thank each and every one of you for listening, for subscribing, for tweeting, for saying hello at conferences, for encouraging us to create new episodes again. Every little bit, every interaction--no matter how trivial it might seem--matters. You made this episode happen, and hopefully many more to come. Thank you.

Links! Links! And more links!

This episode contains Creative Commons licensed samples:

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Episode 014: PyOhio 2012 Part 2

In the latest exciting episode of From Python Import Podcast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with James Tauber (Pinax, Eldarion), Kenneth Reitz (Requests, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python, Tablib), and Chad Whitacre (Gittip, Aspen) for an end-of-conference chat at PyOhio 2012.

We could try to summarize the conversation here, but it frankly wouldn't do it justice. This is a great conversation between some bright guys, and it was a ton of fun to bring them all together. The links above will get you started, but you are best served to listen and simply enjoy.

Some linkable things we discussed include:

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Episode 013: PyOhio 2012

This episode, recorded at PyOhio 2012, features an interview with Catherine Devlin, Eric Floehr, and Brian Costlow about the history and development of the regional conference. Notes follow:

  • Introductions all around. Gladhanding. Bona fides. Poledancing (Not).
  • The history of PyOhio: "This one time, at PyCon..."
  • Fortune favored the bold...let's make a conference!
  • Columbus was chosen because iot was between everyone. Look at a map. It really is.
  • The AV staff is a bunch of steely-eyed missle men...and women. They rock. All the talks are on Blip.tv and PyVideo.
  • Year one had 80 people. Year 5 - over 200.
  • Did we mention that PyOhio is free? It is. And it is the People's Conference. But in a good way. Not in a creepy propaganda-poster kind of way.
  • The bulk of the funds to run the con is from the sponsors and donations.
  • A person can help by Volunteering. Platespinners, catherders, and co-chairs welcome.
  • There is an Expanded Mission. But you're going to have to listen. I'm not telling you what it is. Nyah.
  • Ok. I Lied. PyOhio wants to get into teaching the youth and other folks new to Python, "Day Of Python" events.
  • People come from all over the country to PyOhio. It is at destination, nay, a PILGRIMAGE.
  • PyOhio has just become a Non-Profit Organization in the State of Ohio. Federal 501.3(c) coming soon.
  • There is a lot of useful info about how to become a non-profit detailed in the show, but show notes cannot do it justice. You must listen. Really.
  • FreeGeek and Ohio Linuxfest folks were very helpful. Word to your mothers, gentlemen.
  • Growth is the primary challenge. Growing pains require more help, more volunteers, and more publicity. Must not preach to the same choir.
  • The future, it is bright. Shades are required.
  • It would be awesome for Ohio to be a Python talent hotbed. Stop the brain-drain to the coasts.
  • PYOHIO WILL BE THE WOODSTOCK OF PYTHON. With less drugs. Cause, you know. That's just wrong. And stuff.
  • The campaign to get PyCon to Ohio has begun. Plans within plans. Oh yes. Plans within plans.
  • Eric spoke on processing a million images to find "interesting things" in the night sky. Wound up finding fascinating data about the path of the year, the tracks of the planets in the sky, and how the length of the day changes throughout the year.

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